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The purpose of is to make the code analysis relating to the differences between the most popular forked coins and those that are actually used public and affordable.

Our goal is to inform about teams that copy a code part instead of creating real value in the crypto world. This analysis is useful in order to discover the aim of a particular coin.

Most of the projects with a high percentage of code created by others turned out to be a failure.

Check out all the principal information about the coin code for free.

Do not take these analyses as financial advice or investment.

Do your research and invest at your own risk.

Name Ticker Equal Diffs Similar Coin
Name Ticker Equal Diffs Similar Coin
3dc_logo 3DCoin3DC1001
42_logo 42-coin421001
abs_logo AbsoluteABS1001
aeon_logo AeonAEON1001
arg_logo ArgentumARG1001
arion_logo ArionARION91.6410
bay_logo BitBayBAY92.6413
bbp_logo BiblePayBBP1001
bir_logo BirakeBIR97.6410
blast_logo BlastBLAST1001
blazr_logo BlazerCoinBLAZR95.8816
blc_logo BlakecoinBLC95.08
bltg_logo Block LogicBLTG91.1412
blu_logo BluecoinBLU1001
btdx_logo BitcloudBTDX92.635
btg_logo Bitcoin GoldBTG97.069
btx_logo BitcoreBTX81.0613
bsd_logo BitSendBSD65.543
bze_logo BzedgeBZE98.492
care_logo CarebitCARE97.258
crave_logo CraveCRAVE96.225
dash_logo DashDASH1001
dcr_logo DecredDCR1001
dcy_logo DinastycoinDCY99.57
dgb_logo DigiByteDGB10010
dmd_logo DiamondDMD1001
doge_logo DogecoinDOGE99.978
dtc_logo DatacoinDTC95.6810
eca_logo ElectraECA94.1617
emc2_logo EinsteiniumEMC21001
eth_logo EthereumETH00
eti_logo EtherincETI1001
gbx_logo GoByteGBX74.912
grft_logo GraftGRFT1001
grlc_logo GarlicoinGRLC1001
gtm_logo GentariumGTM96.0414
ifc_logo InfinitecoinIFC98.676
irl_logo IrishCoinIRL1001
lbc_logo LBRY CreditsLBC99.8410
lpc_logo LightpaycoinLPC95.217
mag_logo MagnetMAG95.4115
mec_logo MegacoinMEC86.4327
mue_logo MonetaryUnitMUE1001
nav_logo NavCoinNAV67.9516
net_logo NetcoinNET79.1514
nrg_logo EnergiNRG1001
nro_logo NeuroNRO95.9614
ok_logo OKCashOK62.677
pac_logo PAC GlobalPAC1001
pcn_logo PeepCoinPCN70.5112
phr_logo PhorePHR1001
pura_logo PuraPURA87.1810
qno_logo QynoQNO97.2719
rdd_logo ReddCoinRDD1001
sapp_logo SapphireSAPP92.8418
sloth_logo SlothCoinSLOTH1001
scriv_logo Scriv NetworkSCRIV97.8410
shb_logo SkyHubSHB95.6515
shnd_logo StrongHandsSHND75.2517
sins_logo SafeInsureSINS93.6811
spk_logo SparksPaySPK94.5218
ttc_logo TTCTTC98.964
uno_logo UnobtaniumUNO89.3418
v_logo VersionV1001
via_logo ViacoinVIA99.9913
vitae_logo VitaeVITAE84.87
xbc_logo Bitcoin PlusXBC10012
xcn_logo CryptoniteXCN53.638
xcash_logo X-CashXCASH1001
xmr_logo MoneroXMR1002
xuez_logo XuezXUEZ84.275